Workout styles


Feel the mermaid in the ocean or pool! This workout will flatten your abs erasing rebel fat deposits from around the waist (love handles), gluteus and legs while toning from the inside out. Fins and props may be used to increase intensity.No tails needed.

Warrior Core works   

Push it to the limit!! This high intensity workout that combines running, kickboxing, punching, jumping, float running and other power drills combined with swimming drills, that will improve your core strength and fitness level fast and consistently burning excess fat and improving muscle mass, endurance and overall stamina. Weights and barbells can be added. (recommended for athletes that want to increase sports performance and loose body fat)


Regular Aqua-aerobics class that mixes cardio, strength and stretches with or without weights. Strength drills, core and abs exercises will challenge the beginner/Intermedia participant and push the advance participant to the limit in a safely manner. Recomended for weight loss, arthritis, post-rehabilitation and as a complement to your regular land workout.
Resistance bands, weights, noodles and other props can be added.
No swimming skills needed.


Get fit and increase your energy and endurance while burning fat and toning the whole body at the sound of great music. This fun and effective workout combines Aqua Zumba, Jazz dance, Ballet and worldwide moves resulting in a great cardio and strength workout. Unlike the same workouts in land, the water adds  resistance so you are doing cardio (fat burn) and Strength (muscle toning) at the same time.


Water exercise is major for seniors! Its low impact and gets the heart pumping improving the circulation and helping with balance, joints, muscle strength and functionality issues. Sessions/classes are adapted to the specific need of the participant.

Breast cancer post-surgery    

Breast cancer surgery and reconstruction can leave your chest tight and tender. This is caused by the incisions necessary for the removal of tumors to clean margins that can also shorten the muscles in the chest and internal scars that can affect your posture, comfort and range of motion. Also, treatment can leave you with neurological issues like numbness, tingling and muscle loss not to mention the water retention and weight gain product of some chemo drugs. The water will add flexibility and release the tightness on the chest which will help also your posture improve circulation and help the nerves get relaxed at the same time will shed excess water and weight so you get back in shape. We follow the Mary Essert program for rehabilitation in land and water.
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Lymphedema water works


Lymph nodes get rid of the waste in our bodies. One of the effects of lymph nodes removal in Breast cancer surgery is the swelling and other problems with the arms. The lymph nodes do not get rid of the waste so fast and have to find other lymph nodes in the body to do the work.  Sun, weight excess, heavy lifting and dry skin can sensibly affect your arms. The water is the best resource to adjust the direction of the lymph because the movement inside the water helps the flow of lymph throughout the body. Also see

Pool parties workouts (Kids/Adults)

Let us animate your party and let your guests or your kids guests enjoy aquatic dance while having fun and trying a new way of celebrating while getting fit. With or without fashion show.Call or email us your request for a quotation of the event.