Exercising in the water increases flexibility and range of motion, cardiovascular endurance, fatigue level, muscle strength, mobility function (including gait and balance), quality of life, and psychological wellbeing.   

-The intensity can be regulated according to the participant’s level from the beginner to the athlete.   

-Combining the resistance of the water and different devices with a cardio workout will increase your metabolic rate burning fat and building stronger muscles from the inside out.   

-The combination of cardio, stretching, resistance, water massage and breathing together has the following benefits:   

-Improves circulation that helps with cellulite and spider veins.   

-According to USD/HHS water aerobics can burn from 480 to 625 calories per hour.   

-Gives you a lean/toned body, strong abs and a stable core.  

-Is an intensive workout without stressing the joints.   

Try this new way of getting fit alone or combined with your favorite sport and find the way to a new you!!
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